How much does it cost to send a postcard?

PostcardsAnywhere uses a credit-based system to buy and send cards. One postcard costs one credit. For a limited time we currently offer the following introductory priced packages:
1 credit costs $1
5 credits costs $4.75
10 credits costs $9
20 credits costs $17
100 credits costs $80
*Prices subject to change at any time

How does it work?

Easy! Using our website or iPhone app, choose a photo you'd like to send to someone. After you write a note, select or enter an address. We then take all of that information, stitch it together into a real, physical postcard and then mail it anywhere in the United States. No buying stamps, no finding post offices or mailboxes. Once you've made your postcard, you can even add extra media like audio and video to share online.

How does "Request an Address" work?

If you don't have a mailing address for a recipient, we can try and find it on your behalf using the recipient's email address. We will send an email request to the desired recipient containing a unique link to our website where they can enter their mailing address. Your name and email address will appear in the message to ensure security. The request will be made after you have completed the order for the postcard. Your postcard cannot be mailed without a recipient address. If there is no response to our request within 30 days, your postcard will not be sent and your account will be reimbursed one credit.

How can I trust whoever is requesting my address?

If you don't recognize the sender of an address request, just click the "I don't know that person" button in our email to protect your privacy and to alert the sender and reimburse their account.

Do you do anything nefarious with any addresses?

No, absolutely not. We will never share your address, or the address of your recipients with anyone. We do store this information encrypted in our database for our internal records only.

Who can see my Postcard+ page?

Postcard+ pages are public, however they do require knowledge of the Postcard+ ID that is generated uniquely for and printed on the back of each postcard. Anyone with access to the Postcard+ ID can view a Postcard+ page. The sender of the card can disable the Postcard+ page at any time.

Can PostcardsAnywhere be used internationally?

Our website can be used from anywhere in the world and you can use our iPhone app anywhere you get a signal (data fees from your carrier may apply). We only ship to the US for the time being.

When will you ship internationally?

We're working hard to bring allow international shipping as soon as possible. However, there is currently no ETA.

Do you read our mail?

For legal reasons PostcardsAnywhere reviews all outgoing images before they are printed and we will reject certain images for: illegal activity, pornography, defamation, obscenity, and inappropriate content.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If there is any issue with the sending, recieving, and/or printing of the postcard please write us at We will do our best to remedy the issue, whether it be free credits, or a complete refund.

Why do we ask for certain Facebook permissions?

We'll be using your Facebook information to make your experience within PostcardsAnywhere better. We won't be doing anything bad with the information, we wont force you to 'Like' our page or share your postcard. We wont spam you, or your friends either. Your information will simply remain within our service so you don't have to enter it every time you send a postcard.

How do I contact PostcardsAnywhere?

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