Just see it, snap it, and send it!  PostcardsAnywhere allows you to send postcards (yeah, the real, physical, professionally printed kind) straight from your mobile and/or desktop application! Take a photo, write a note, find an address, and hit send! With just a few taps, your 4x6 glossy postcard will be processed and delivered via USPS anywhere in the United States (global shipping coming soon). How cool is that? No stamps, no trip to the post office, no forgotten postcards, and no more (good) excuses to not send a postcard!

But we didn't stop there! Each postcard gets its own online presence, Postcard+, where you can enhance your postcard with audio, video, augmented reality, and location data via Google maps. Postcards+ also allows your recipient to comment on, share, and reprint your card. They can even reply to you with their own postcard right from the website.

Missing an address? Our Request an Address feature will help you get back in touch with anyone you've got an email address for. Once your recipient responds to our request, your card is automatically sent and you are notified of their address.

Want your voice to be heard up on capitol hill? We've provided you with easy access to some addresses we think you might find useful. For instance, you'll be able to send a postcard to any member of the US senate with just a few taps! You'll want to check out our Little Black Book. We think you'll like it.

We're making mail fun again, let us know if we're doing our job!

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