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For just $1, our web and mobile applications allow you to create and send a real printed postcard from anywhere in the world to any address in the United States*. But we didn't stop there! This app is packed with some amazing features to improve and enhance your experience.
PostcardsAnywhere accepts the most popular image formats, png, jpeg and gif. So whether you've just taken a picture with the Camera app or fancied it up with another app, you'll be able to use it in your custom postcard. For third party integration the rule of thumb is, if you can save a photo or video to your library then you can use it with PostcardsAnywhere.
At no extra cost, you can enhance your postcard with audio**, video, and location information. Your postcard will have a link to its very own webpage printed beneath your message. Expect more goodies in the future.
This is without a doubt, our coolest feature so far. All postcards with video are printed with a small marker on the back of the card. If you receive a card with the marker, you can click the "Watch with Augmented Reality" link on its Postcard+ page, and watch your postcard instantly turn into a video (floating in 3D). You might have to send one to yourself to experience the magic. A webcam is required to view Augmented Reality Videomail.
We know most people's address books are missing some information. If you're missing or forget someone's mailing address, we've got a solution for you! Using this feature, we'll send a message to your recipient via email and request their address on your behalf. Once your intended recipient enters their address into the system, the postcard will automatically be sent.
We've provided you with easy access to some addresses we think you might find useful. For instance, you'll be able to send a postcard to any member of the US Senate with just a few taps! We'll continue to add to and improve this feature as time goes on. This is where you can easily access contacts you have recently sent postcards to. Have a suggestion for or want to be featured in the Little Black Book? Send us a request.
*PostcardsAnywhere application can be used on compatible devices anywhere in the world, but we currently only ship to US addresses. We'll be offering international shipping soon!
**Coming soon

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